Smoky Valley Theater is appreciative of any support that we receive whether it be financial, costume donation, building supplies, or simply coming to see our shows and purchasing concessions. If you are interested in making a donation of any kind to our program please contact us directly. Thank you for your support!

Financial Donation

Throughout the school year (during non-covid times) our program likes to introduce the world of theater to our students outside of school as well. This includes trips to the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City, Kansas Thespian Festival, Productions at other schools, traveling productions, etc. Your financial support helps us be able to offer these great experiences with little out of pocket for our students. If you'd be interested in making a financial donation of our program, you can do so through our donation platform LUDUS. If you have qustions, contact Eric Lundstrom at for details.

We also have an Amazon Wishlist with items that we can always use! Items range from a few dollars to $30+. Whatever level you would be able support would be very helpful to our program.

Our Lighting Project

A theater can never have too many lights! We were fortunate to be able to upgrade our above stage lighting in the Summer of 2020. Our goal now is to upgrade our front of house lighting to LED fixtures which allow us for more control and flexibility. If you'd be interested in sponsoring a light, let us know!

Tools/Building Supplies

Thanks to the Smoky Valley Community Foundation our program was able to purchase our own tools. We are always in need of T25 Starbit wood screws, paint brushes/rollers, paint, etc.


We have spent a lot of time sorting and cataloging our costume inventory. If you have slacks, suits,, vests, shoes, etc that you'd like to donate, please send us a picture of the item so we can evaluate the need and ensure we have storage space.