About Us

Our Mission

Provide opportunities for any student to experience the world of theater in a fun, safe & professional environment.

Our Values

Safety| Education | Fun | Professionalism

  • Safety: Students are able to excel when they can play in a safe environment. We create that environment by encouraging experimentation on stage, being judgement free, and by being respectful to everyone.

  • Education: Every experience is an opportunity to learn. In theater we focus on educating students by introducing multiple elements of theater, inspiring students to stretch themselves and by nurturing their talents.

  • Fun: Theater is and should always be fun! To ensure this, we are always free to be ourselves, free to be playful and to be encouraging to others.

  • Professional: Even as a High School theater program, we can still ensure we are as professional as possible. To do this we will be organized, fully committed and strive to put on a production of the highest quality possible.

Smoky Valley High School has a rich tradition of commitment to the arts. Whether it's vocal, band, art or theater, students at SVHS get the opportunity to participate in may different aspects. We are lucky enough to not only have school support, but also the support of the Lindsborg Arts Council. Through their generosity, Smoky Valley Theater receives an annual donation which helps stretch our budget much farther to produce the highest quality productions as possible. Thank you Lindsborg Arts Council! If you are interested in becoming a member & of the Lindsborg Arts Council you can visit their website.